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A] "Pedal" (Walking) Hujjaajj


Reconfirmation of your return flight will be done by your tour operator before the commencement of the actual Days of Hajj. Of late, all Haajees have to depart from the Hajj Terminal and not from the International Terminal.  


After Hajj, most of you will be staying in Azizya till departure. You will be transferred by bus to the airport. Notices will be posted on the notice-board of each hotel indicating the timings. Your baggage will be loaded into a truck which will accompany your bus. The tour operator will also arrange for your passports to be transferred from the Muassassas office to be on the bus with you upon departure. These will then be handed to you personally at the airport in Jeddah upon clearing the necessary formalities.


B] Non-Pedal Hujjaajj


As for "Pedal" Hujjaajj.


































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