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A] "Pedal" (Walking) Hujjaajj


On arrival at the Hajj terminal, you report to the United Agents Office where your passports will be handed back to you, (finally!), and an area allocated to you for settling in.


After settling down, go to the United Agents Office dealing with transport, (General Car Syndicate & Pilgrim Transport Companies, GCSPTC), for your refund of unused coupons.  Take your passport and your safely kept draft coupons with you.  Refund will be in Riyals.


Next, go to the respective airlines office where you will hand over your passport, (again!), and ticket.  They will tell you to check 4-5 hours later for your boarding pass/passport/ticket.


Look carefully at the name and flight no. on your boarding pass, as you may have been issued with a boarding pass bearing a different name and time!


Also, if you are travelling as husband and wife, you may have been allocated seats poles apart!!  To overcome all this, have the problem rectified there and then.


Please note that on checking-in no trolleys are allowed; hence your entire luggage has to be hauled by yourself alone till the check-in counter.  This will include your suitcase(s), hand luggage and Zam Zam water.  Therefore, be conservative in your shopping, unless you have a ready helping hand.


Once you have checked in, you will find no eating facilities in the custom, immigration and departure area; however, toilets/Wudhu area/drinking water and prayer area are found everywhere.


When you are about to board the airport bus taking you to the aircraft, you shall be presented with a Qur’aan as a gift.  If you are going to accept it, ensure you have Wudhu well before; and ensure that the copy you accept has the text that you are used to.  However it is usually difficult to take care of a Qur’aan in flight, so best avoid accepting it.


B] Non-Pedal Hujjaajj


As for "Pedal" Hujjaajj.





























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